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Zhang Xian

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Department of International Politics,                      Cellphone: 0086+18500219515

Institute of Political Science,                          Telephone: 0086+027+67868507

Central China Normal University, P.R.C.             E-mail:


·      2009-2012, PekingUniversity,School of International Studies,Ph.D.of International Politics

·      2007-2009, Waseda University of Japan, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Ph.D. Candidate of International Studies

·      2005-2007,  Co-hosted by Center of Human Rights of PekingUniversityand Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law of Lund University of Sweden,M.A. program of International Human Rights law

·      1999-2003, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST),School of Journalism and Mass Communication, B.A., Bachelor of Laws as the second degree




Human Rights and International Politics

Religion and World Politics

Judicial Politics


Current Position

Research Assistant Professor,Institute of Political Science ofCentral China Normal University (CCNU)


·      Teaching Fellow, “China’s Politics and International Communication” course, School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University,  Spring 2008  

·      Teaching Fellow,“China’s diplomacy and Sino-EU relations” course, European Center for Chinese Studies (ECCS), Peking University, Spring 2007  



·       Participator,Key Project of National Social Sciences Foundation of China “The relationship between China and ASEAN under the overall concept of security”, 2015  

·       Organizer and Panel Speaker, the Seventh Beijing Forum on Human Rights, 2014  

·      Presenter, Colloquium on Tibetan issues hosted by Australian Institute of International Affairs, Sydney, 2014  

·      Panel Speaker, Symposium on “Sino-Japanese relations”, co-sponsored by Nippon Foundation and School of International Studies of PKU, 2014  

·      Organizer and presenter, Side event of “China’s Human Rights: An integrated approach”, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, 2013  

·      Delegate, the 2ndround of Universal Periodic Review of United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, 2013  

·      Organizer and Panel Speaker, the Sixth Beijing Forum on Human Rights, 2013  

·      Delegate, the 22ndsession of  United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, 2013  

·      Participant, the Seventh Beijing-Tokyo Forum, 2011  

·      Panel Speaker, Forum on “Democratization of Taiwan and Its impact on Chinese Mainland”, Taipei, 2009  

·      Registered student, “China in the 21stCentury” course, Stanford University, Spring Quarter, 2006  




·      2012-2014

Official,  Bureau of Human Rights Affairs of State Council Information Office, P.R.C.

Assistant of Secretary-General, China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS)

·      2003-2004    

Journalist, Xinhua News Agency (National News Agency of China)



·      Jinling academic merit scholarship  in 2001

·      HUST  fellowship in 2002 and 2003

·      Canon academic merit scholarship in 2006

·      Nippon Foundation scholarship in 2007 and 2008

·      PKU  Ph.D. student fellowship in 2009 and 2010

·      Letters of commendation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C. and International Department of CPC Central Committee, 2013




·      “National Institutes of Human Rights Education and Training : Retrospect and Prospect”, Li Junru(ed.),Blue Book of China’s Human Rights,  Social Sciences Academic Press, forthcoming 2015.

·      “TheIssue of Headscarfand Guarantee of Muslim Women’s Rights: An Approach of Analyzing Secularism”,Constructing an environment for sustainable human rights development,China Intercontinental Press, 2014.

·      “Human Rights NGOs and United Nations Human Rights Council”,Human Rights,No.6, 2013.  

·      “Comparative study of petition systems among Japan, South Korea and Taiwan: the implication towards China”,People’s Tribune, No.14,  2012.

·      “A tentative discussion on Thomas Aquinas’ view of reason: Its background, meaning and influence”,People’s Tribune,No.11, 2012.

·      “Taiwanese Complex and Democratization of ROC (1987-2007)”,Proceedings ofForum on “Democratization of Taiwan and Its impact on Chinese Mainland”,  Taipei, 2009.